My name is Lynda Hall; a designer and photo artist living near the beach in Plymouth, Ma. We are all in need of uplifting thoughts and images during these uncertain times. The beach has always calmed me and I hope to pass along a sense of peace and optimism.

My journey started with the creation of my beach wishes. My vision has grown to reflect the calming influence of coastal life- the renewal of sunrise, the weathered sea glass found along the shore, a single heart stone buried in the sand. I love to think of new ways to express myself and the possibilities are endless.

While my photography is generally based on local shores, every so often I wander. Enjoy my images from afar- beautiful places that are never far from the sea!

myBeachWishes has grown over the years, but the mission is still the same- to create and capture unique images of the coast, with optimistic and upbeat messages. I share with you this ever changing journey of life on the coast and the wish to remain hopeful for the future.